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100% deductible health and dental expenses

100% coverage with more eligible expenditures than group health plans

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Trillium PHSPs (Private Health Services Plan)

TRILLIUM HEALTH SERVICES – (HSA) Health Spending Account –(PHSP) is 100% Tax Deductible as a Business Expense under CRA Guidelines – Bringing Big Company Benefits to Small Business People, for Less!

We’re going to share the secrets that big companies use to lower benefit plan costs.

The best way to lower costs is to pay all expenses with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax dollars.

The Trillium Health Savings Plan uses a Health Spending Account (HSA) for routine health and dental expenses plus an OPTIONAL Catastrophic Medical Insurance Policy for major unexpected events with high costs. Ask yourself this question: why insure for all potential expenses when you can pay for only the expenses you actually need?

2 components under 1 Plan


For Routine Health & Dental Expenses

  • Pay for only the expenses you actually incur
  • You determine annual amount of medical expenses to cover
  • Exhaustive list of eligible expenses


For Unexpected Expenses

Major events that are unlikely to happen are best insured under a Catastrophic Medical Policy.

  • Private Duty Nursing, Drugs, Medical Equipment, Physiotherapy
  • Low monthly cost

Complete Coverage for Less Cost (and by the way, tax efficient too!)

A Health Spending Account (HSA) reduces the cost of medical expenses at your personal top marginal tax rate, compared to limited Personal Medical Tax Credit. The tax savings can be significant!

An HAS/PHSP is a health benefits bank account, with a pre-determined amount of funds decided by you, to be used for any type of eligible medical expense. Canada Revenue Agency’s list of medical expenses determines what is eligible, not an insurance company. If it can be claimed as a Personal Medical Tax Credit, it’s eligible to be reimbursed under the HSA.

Customary expenses such as dental and vision, which are bound to occur, drive up the cost to insure them. High claims = high cost. Unexpected events with high costs are best insured under a Catastrophic Medical Insurance Policy. A Catastrophic Medical Insurance Policy provides real risk protection at a fraction of the cost of a traditional health and dental insurance plan. Low claims = low cost. 

Learn more below.

Health Plan premiums can be a direct tax deduction from your business income!

Finally, a health and dental benefit plan that lets YOU control the cost.

The best way to lower costs is to pay all expenses with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax dollars.

A Trillium Health Savings Plan lowers your cost by converting medical expenses paid with after-tax dollars to pre-tax dollars. The tax savings can be significant!

Amounts paid to a PHSP are a direct deduction against your self-employment business income. A business deduction, through Trillium Health, results in greater tax savings than using the Personal Medical Tax Credit for medical expenses. 

  • Flexibility 

Freedom to spend on medical expenses that you choose

You choose the amount of medical expenses to cover per year

Ability to increase coverage as needed

  • Coverage on All types of medical and dental expenses worldwide
  • A wider range of eligible expenses than individual health and dental plans
  • A lower cost compared to individual health and dental plans
  • All prior or existing medical conditions are covered
  • A OPTIONAL Catastrophic Medical and Emergency Medical Travel Insurance Policy  alleviates the financial burden for unexpected, high cost events

For more information on our plans, please contact:

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Trillium Wealth Management, Trillium Health Services and Trillium Life Insurance are three distinct professional services organization under one common umbrella. Each organization specializes in providing unique programs for entrepreneurs, self employed professionals and small business owners. As Canada’s #1 Individual consulting firm serving thousands of customers across Canada, one unique approach in Trillium Wealth Management will be to provide individuals with a convenient self-direct TFSA administered by Community Trust, which is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) protecting client’s deposits and approved by CRA “Canada Revenue Agency” guidelines.

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